Social dialogue practices: Employers and Trade Unions side-by-side to promote SMEs competitiveness

  • DIGITAL SME, together with the Italian employers’ association Confimi Industria and trade unions, launches a joint project funded by the European Commission to foster SMEs competitiveness in manufacturing global value chains through social dialogue

  • The project consortium analyses the positioning of SMEs through global value chains (GVCs) and factors that can enhance and/ or hinder their participation in manufacturing GVCs 

  • Targeting a total of three countries (Italy, Albania, Hungary), the research will lead to the publication of a decalogue, with guidelines for adequate social dialogue at company, sectoral and European levels 

ValueFacturing SMEs  is a catalyst project for an ever-improving dialogue between employers’ and workers’ unions. The ultimate goal is to make Europe the most attractive place to invest in small and medium businesses and nurture their growth.

Lasting 24 months and with the support of an international consortium and partners from targeted countries, the project will produce a guidelines’ decalogue to strengthen social dialogue at the company level, focusing on collective bargaining and the quality of the labour market for SMEs. The decalogue will be used as a springboard to reach out to all European counterparts.

To achieve its goals, the course of action will follow four consecutive steps:

  1. Primary research
  2. Roundtables and training
  3. Development of a decalogue
  4. Dissemination of results

As part of the plan, there will be four workshops to promote exchange of best practices of national and international social dialogue on GVC governance and a final event in Brussels to present the results of the project.

Confimi Industria is the coordinator of the project, which will also feature its verticals Confimi Industria Digitale and Confimi Industria Puglia, as well as other partners such as FIM – CISL Lombardia, Fondazione ADAPT, European DIGITAL SME Alliance, the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There are also associated organizations actively involved in the project’s realization: VASAS, FSPISH, IndustriALL Europe, Consiglio Regionale della Puglia and FIM-CISL.

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