It stands as a recognition for those SMEs that have made remarkable contributions to society through innovative solutions.

An tribute for all those companies that have gone beyond mere business success and achieved positive social well-being and inclusiveness.

Through success stories, this award will inspire other businesses to set a new trend and proactively demonstrate that positive social outcomes can be still achieved while running a successful business.


improving people’s quality of life

Fostering the well-being of inhabitants, businesses, visitors, organisations and administrators through digitally enabled services

E-Governance to enhance citizen engagement

Improve public services, and promote transparency in government processes

improving access to the workforce

Specifically targeting women, youth, minorities and people with disabilities. UN definition of digital inclusion

“[..] equitable, meaningful, and safe access to use, lead, and design of digital technologies, services, and associated opportunities for everyone, everywhere [..]”

ethical deployment of technology

Technologies that promote human rights, and enhance transparency, accountability, and privacy (e.g. ethical data practices)

Deadline: 29 October 2023 // 23:59 CEST

the winner



the finalists






the jury members

Andrei Kelemen

Chief Executive Officer (Cluj IT Cluster)

Monica Cerutti

Expert in Gender Equality and Digital and Social Innovation

Edgaras Kriukonis

Digital innovation expert (Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub)

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