European digital SMEs are offering solutions to the crisis. 

  • Smart working solutions help you and your team stay connected and productive during social isolation.
  • eHealth solutions offer vital assistance to actors in the health sector.
  • Entertainment solutions keep you motivated and mentally strong in this challenging time.
  • 3D printing to produce life-saving parts for respiration machines.
  • and many more digital solutions help businesses, citizens and public administrations to continue their work during social isolation.

Browse through the digital solutions and services below to find tools that will improve your particular situation. Some SMEs are even offering their solutions free of charge during COVID-19!

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NEW: SMEs and Startups are looking for partners to develop/host/test their solutions! Check out the “LOOKING FOR PARTNERS” tab below for more information.

STAY CYBER-SAFE DURING SMART WORKING! Your organisation should employ a solid safety protocol for its own web and data infrastructure. If you don’t work with cybersecurity experts yet, you can find some in the tab “Smart Working & Education” below (e.g. Steel PC).

The European Cybersecurity Agency ENISA has also published useful tips for cybersecurity when working from home. Check it out and stay safe!

If your organisation needs more guidance on how to keep cybersecurity up, you can resort to our handy guide to implement the most important cybersecurity standards ISO/IEC 27001.

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