Advanced Cyber Security




Advanced Cyber Security is trustworthy and prospective company offering its own cyber security products and services. It is established by cyber security experts with 20+ years of experience in cyber security projects. Members of our team recognize the vulnerabilities of your system, knowing exactly how someone might use them and turning them into secure and safe environment resistant to any attack, malware or harmful event. We are using SOC (Security Operations Center) as an external IT security center, that uses advanced tools, as well as a unique platform NextGen SIEM cyber surveillance system ARMADA, that provides protection 24/7, advanced analytics and forensics to every user, unrelated to IT system complexity, activity or attack exposure.


Our small and rapidly growing cybersecurity company with its flagship product ARMADA, which specializes in system monitoring and real-time alerts for any unauthorized access, hacking attempts, viruses, and similar threats, might focus on the following strategies when targeting the European market: Targeted Market Segmentation: Identify specific industries or sectors within Europe that are particularly susceptible to cyber threats, such as finance, healthcare, or critical infrastructure. Tailor ARMADA's marketing and messaging to address the unique needs and concerns of these segments. Partnerships with Local Cybersecurity Authorities: Collaborate with local cybersecurity agencies, institutions, and regulatory bodies to gain credibility and endorsement. This could facilitate the adoption of ARMADA as a reliable solution. Quick Response and Incident Management: Highlight ARMADA's rapid alert system, showcasing how it notifies users within milliseconds of a potential threat. Emphasize its ability to help companies respond quickly and mitigate damage effectively. Continuous Innovation: Showcase the company's commitment to staying ahead of emerging cyber threats by providing regular updates and improvements to ARMADA's features. By tailoring its approach to the specific needs and concerns of the European market, the company can position ARMADA as a valuable and indispensable solution for businesses seeking robust cybersecurity protection and real-time threat detection.