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ABOUT US S.r.l. ( is an innovative SME founded in 2017, with a primary focus on the research and development of technological solutions. The company brings together professionals from vario

PRODUCTS / PROJECTS ( is a digital document notarization service on the blockchain is a service for the notarization and verification of files of any size and type, based on blockchain technology. The service creates a digital fingerprint of the file and stores it on multiple public Blockchains. decodes the files, extracting a unique code, hash, which can be securely traced back to the registered file. The information of this unique digital identity generated is distributed across multiple blockchains, ensuring that it is never lost or altered. fulfills the function of certifying to third parties the certain date of submission and the integrity of the original content of the files. Moreover, the service guarantees maximum confidentiality as it does not store the content of the file, nor can it view it, ensuring full compliance with current GDPR directives. The platform is registered with SIAE and has a pending patent application. With, it is possible to notarize any type of file through the following channels: • email, without the need to introduce new applications, user IDs, and passwords to remember, but simply by copying the email • Desktop App, an application to install on your PC when, for security reasons or file size, it is not possible to use email • through a system integration (API). The service is multilingual. Some references of The service is already in use by some accountants as an integral part of the process of revaluing company assets (certain date and immutability of documents), at a multinational Employment Agency for the notarization of employment contracts, and finally at the largest Italian postal operator for the notarization of IoT readings of their certified service delivery platform.

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