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Kedeon provides next-gen monitoring solutions for supply chain logistics. Innovative IoT and software tools to help companies to leverage their supply chain data.


A lot of food and grocery products are sensitive to environmental conditions. Currently, there’s no easy way to verifiably observe them, as existing solutions are fixed, expensive, and not adaptable for granular and monitoring on-demand situations, such as for last-mile deliveries that are exploding in popularity. We utilize the latest IoT technologies in combination with software tools to help companies leverage their supply chain data to extract additional value and enable use cases in other domains. Our IoT sensor devices weigh 85 grams and fit un your hand. 100% wireless and mobile solution with a long-lasting battery life that can provide real-time data. Our devices are capable of providing verifiable measurements (yes, we use blockchain technology for this), and because these measurements can be trusted, the data can be fed into other systems. So our goal is to provide a backbone and "single source of truth" to enable industry 4.0 use cases and automatization on a grander scale. We have launched pilot projects and also onboarded our first customers. Here is the pitch from our Techstars demo day

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The Baltic States, Portugal, Czech republic, UK, Poland


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