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Integral solutions of artificial vision, software and hardware, to vehicle control. Experts in Automatic License Plate Reading, Optical Character Recognition, High Performance Video Analytics...


Lector Vision develops integral solutions of artificial vision, both software and hardware, applied to vehicle control. We are experts in Automatic License Plate Reading, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), High Performance Video Analytics and Specific Electronics for image capture.
We have more than 20 years’ experience in the development of neural networks, specific algorithms in “Deep Learning” techniques and in the design of electronics and optoelectronics for ITS applications.
Our SMART TRAFFIC MANAGER SUITE integrates in a complete and high-performance solution, hardware and software elements designed for the complete management of mobility in cities through innovative artificial vision technologies. In this way, the Smart Traffic Manager Suite allows cities to have an integral solution that unifies both their artificial vision systems and other ITS elements that give a global scope to the data on traffic and mobility of the city, as well as generating the necessary restriction schemes to improve the environmental quality of cities.
The suite comprises three main systems: the innovative Smart Sensor Traffic Eye LPR cameras, the flexible Bulls Eye in-vehicle LPR cameras and the Traffic Manager mobility management software platform. All together become a world-class mobility management environment.

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Madrid, Spain



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