DIGITAL SME joins standICT2026 – Empowering SME participation in ICT standardisation

  • DIGITAL SME joins forces with partners to kick off the standICT2026 project supporting ICT experts’ participation in ICT standardisation

  • Through the 3-year project’s life-cycle, DIGITAL SME will lead activities to increase Small and Medium Enterprises’ participation in setting and using ICT standards for new technologies and better access to global markets

  • The initiative will boost SMEs’ participation in international and European technical committees, thus contributing to EU leadership in standardisation

DIGITAL SME is strengthening engagement in ICT standardisation!

DIGITAL SME joined partners to kick off the standICT2026 project to strengthen SMEs’ participation in leading standards-settings activities for core technologies relevant to their products and services. Through this modus operandi, SMEs’ participation in standardisation will foster positive impact in global competitiveness and alignment with EU’s vision for geopolitical leadership.

SMEs’ engagement in ICT standardisation is crucial for their business operations. DIGITAL SME Secretary-General, Sebastiano Toffaletti, recognises that “the success of digital services, offered by our digital SMEs, depends on robust and open ICT standards, not only for regulatory purposes but also for technology adoption for non-ICT SMEs, struggling in identifying the right tools and avoiding technology lock-in.”

Throughout the project, DIGITAL SME will support ICT experts’ engagement in ICT standardisation priorities and SMEs’ promotion for interoperability, openness of interfaces, access, portability of data, and other priorities identified by the EC Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation.

DIGITAL SME will lead on establishing a mentorship program for new experts, helping them in developing a standardisation expertise via the support of established specialists. This program will be beneficial for SMEs interested in standardisation but which have yet to develop the required capacities. The mentorship program is part of a larger standards academy, facilitating access to resources, including SME tailored guidance. DIGITAL SME will also lead a consultation process to ensure that policy recommendations are aligned with the European Commission’s priorities for ICT standardisation.

Among its several activities, standICT2026 provides fundings to experts to join technical committees of European and international standardisation organisations, with emphasis on increased SMEs’ participation. The project allocates around EUR 3 million over the following three years. Each expert can benefit for up to EUR 60.000 over a total of nine calls.

If you are interested in more updates over the funding calls or news on ICT standardisation, fill in the expression of interest.

DIGITAL SME invites all our members to join our effort in building a wide and vibrant network for collaboration on ICT standardisation and the WG Standards.


The 2026 project is funded by the European Union under grant agreement no. 101091933