Italian Digital SME Alliance is an association aimed at ensuring the coordination, promotion, development and representation of companies in the Italian digital sector in Europe and internationally, through the European DIGITAL SME Alliance. The Alliance promotes the development and adoption of digital solutions for SMEs, the training and acquisition of digital skills for SMEs and professionals. The Alliance promotes activities and initiatives, directly and indirectly through the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, to increase the competitiveness of the Italian Digital Sector.


Italian DIGITAL SME Alliance:

Representing the interests of Italian SMEs of the ICT sector at a National and European level

Providing information on EU policy, regulations and news

Promoting exchanges of know-how and business opportunities amongst the members and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance network

Offering to the members a direct channel of communication with the European Institutions through bilateral meetings and participation to conferences and expert groups

Offering to the members the participation to EU funded projects

Enhancing its members sectoral skills by participating to European trainings and workshops