digital-LSP Matchmaking

The Large Scale Partnership for skills in the digital ecosystem (digital-LSP) is organizing its first matchmaking event!

digital-LSP members interested in forming a consortium and applying to the calls can submit their interest to pitch their project idea in the following registration form. 

Register here

What is the matchmaking about?

Eligible organizations interested in applying to the 4th round of calls of the Digital Europe Programme are invited to join an infosession on the two calls that have been opened within this batch, namely:

The applications for the calls close on the 26 September 2023. You will find more information on how to apply for the call in the Funding & Tender Portal and during the infosession.

How does the matchmaking work?

  • Registrations to the matchmaking platform are open until Monday, 10th of July, 12.00 CEST.
  • Once you register your organization, a card with all the submitted information will be visible to all in a catalogue in the matchmaking platform.
  • You will be able to request meetings from the registrations closing time until Wednesday, 12th of July at 19:30 CEST.  
  • You will then receive an email with the recap of your meetings and the link to your personal room to be used for the one-to-ones.
  • The bilateral meetings will take place on the event day, Thursday, 13th July 2023, as from 11.30 CEST, after the info and pitching sessions.
  • Note that the registration to the matchmaking platform is also valid for the info and the pitching session that will be held in the plenary as from 10.30 CEST. The agenda of the event is available on the registration page.

If the invited organisation accepts your request, the system will automatically create a link for a virtual room and schedule it in your available time slots from 11.30 to 13.00 CET. This means that you won´t select the timeslot yourself, but the system will automatically cross checks availabilities and allocate you in the first available slot.

Please note that you can meet up to 6 organizations for 15 min each. If you are interested in contacting more organizations and schedule meetings independently, you will have the contacts they provided in the catalogue.

What is the digital-LSP?

As an initiative stemming from the Pact for Skills, the digital-LSP aims to bring together stakeholders from different type of organizations together to build-up partnerships and collaborations, thus enhancing the uptake of digital skills in all industrial ecosystem, as well strenghtening the provision of advanced skills for ICT professionals.

Digital skills have seen a rapid surge in demand in all industrial sectors transitioning to more agile and automated processes thanks to the adoption of digital technologies. Nevertheless, the supply of high-quality and timely trainings for up- and re-skills today´s and tomorrow´s workers is not keeping the pace with the fast changing tech environment.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance, together with University of Applied Science of Amsterdam and TIM, is steering the implementation of the partnership, thus allowing relevant actors in the digital ecosystem to exchange knowledge, best practices and establish collaborations at both EU and local level.

How to become member of the digital-LSP?

To be officially registered as digital-LSP member and have the opportunity to be invited to dedicated events, such as this matchmaking, you have first to sign up to the Pact for Skills and indicate the number 905 when asked about Large Scale Partnerships.

A comprehensive step by step guide on how to subscribe can be found here.