digital-LSP stakeholder and matchmaking event

What was the event about?

The Digital LSP stakeholder and matchmaking event represented the official launch of the Digital Large Scale Partnership. The event was dedicated to current and potential members and offered a detailed overview of how the Digital LSP works and how can members contribute and benefit from its activities. 

The first session served to present the mission and objectives of the Digital LSP, as well as its work plan for 2024. The second session introduced the experiences of some of the Blue Print Projects within the digital ecosystem:

  • The Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance (ARISA project)
  • The  Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Blockchain Skill Development (CHAISE project)
  • The Cybersecurity Skills Alliance (REWIRE project)

They presented updates in their respective sectors and activities planned for the next period to create synergies with the work of digital LSP and other partners.

After that, the digital LSP event offered a matchmaking session mainly focused on Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation – Lot 1 and Lot 2 (deadline March 7th, 2024) and the 5th round of Digital Europe call in Digital Skills (deadline March 21st, 2024), which includes the following topics:

What is the digital-LSP?

As an initiative stemming from the Pact for Skills, the digital-LSP aims to bring together stakeholders from different type of organizations together to build-up partnerships and collaborations, thus enhancing the uptake of digital skills in all industrial ecosystem, as well strenghtening the provision of advanced skills for ICT professionals.

Digital skills have seen a rapid surge in demand in all industrial sectors transitioning to more agile and automated processes thanks to the adoption of digital technologies. Nevertheless, the supply of high-quality and timely trainings for up- and re-skills today’s and tomorrow’s workers is not keeping the pace with the fast changing tech environment.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance, together with University of Applied Science of Amsterdam, is steering the implementation of the partnership, thus allowing relevant actors in the digital ecosystem to exchange knowledge, best practices and establish collaborations at both EU and local level.

How to become member of the digital-LSP?

To be officially registered as digital-LSP member, you have first to sign up to the Pact for Skills and indicate the number 905 when asked about Large Scale Partnerships. A comprehensive step by step guide on how to subscribe can be found here.

To join the mailing list and have the opportunity to be invited to events dedicated to members, you need to register on the Digital LSP web page.

Did you miss anything about the event? Watch the recording!

Check the presentations here:

Download slides


Introductory remarks  15:30 – 15:40 Sonia De Melo Xavier, Policy Officer at DG EMPL, European Commission
The digital-Large Scale Partnership: overview of activities and objectives 15:40 – 15:55 Caterina Bortolaso, Project Manager, European DIGITAL SME Alliance
Funding opportunities for digital LSP members: Erasmus+ Blueprint Projects 15:55 – 16:05 Felix Rohn, Policy Officer at DG EMPL, European Commission
Presentation of ongoing Blueprint Projects in the digital ecosystem and launch of Working Groups 16:05 – 16:25
  • AI – ARISA Project
  • Blockchain – CHAISE Project
  • Cybersecurity – REWIRE Project
Wrap-up and introduction to the matchmaking session 16:25 – 16:30 Caterina Bortolaso, Project Manager, European DIGITAL SME Alliance
Matchmaking session 16:30 – 18:30