Intellectual Property Essentials: Strategies for Business Growth and Innovation

Questions & Answers with experts

Intellectual Property (IP) has a strategic role as an enabling factor for competitiveness, innovation, and growth. The IP strategy is an essential part of this. A company’s IP assets generate value by introducing new or improved products, services, processes, and models. They are more eligible for receiving funding for research and development, securing collaborations, and raising the financial value of the company. During this webinar, SMEs learned what it takes to build an IP strategy, taking into account their specific needs during the business development phase.

During the Questions and Answers session, our experts answered your questions on how to strategically leverage IP assets to grow the business, particularly:

  • Protecting IP through different options available to SMEs;
  • Identifying and assessing the value of IP assets within the company;
  • Creating an effective knowledge management strategy aligned with the size and business goals of SMEs;
  • Adaptation strategies to address emerging challenges and opportunities for SMEs.

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About IPowerSMEs

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are one of the core elements underpinning innovation. Since small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) encounter more obstacles than bigger companies when seeking to protect their innovations through IPR, they should benefit from a supportive environment that compensates for such an imbalance. IPowerSMEs aims to raise awareness of the importance of IPR among SMEs, and help provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect their innovations and thus maintain a sustainable business model.