ValueFacturing SMEs National Workshop Series – Italian National Workshop

This workshop is the first in a series of national workshops organised as part of the ValueFacturing SMEs project.

It is aimed at promoting best practices in the context of social dialogue and furthering the expertise and knowledge of project partners and national and international stakeholders while outlining the progress in the research developed during the preliminary phases of the project.

During the morning, a round-table discussion will take place aimed at collecting inputs on project topics to integrate the ValueFacturing SMEs main report. In the afternoon, a training session focused on project-related topics will be delivered, aiming at participants from local companies. This session will explore topics such as the concept of global value chains (GVCs) in the manufacturing sector, factors that can foster/hinder Italian SMEs participation in GVCs, and the role of social dialogue and collective bargaining in the governance of GVCs.

The workshop is organised by ValueFacturing SMEs project partners FIM Lombardia and Confimi Industria (and affiliated organisation Confimi Digitale) in collaboration with Fondazione Adapt for its planned training activities

Project Background

The Project aims to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the manufacturing sector in global value chains through social dialogue. This will be done by investigating and fostering sectoral social dialogue practices (at both national and European levels) that can contribute to improving the quality of the European labour market to boost its attractiveness for starting and developing small and medium-sized enterprises.


 9.30 – 10.00 Registration of participants
10.00 – 10.30 Introduction and opening remarks

  • Paolo Agnelli – President (Confimi Industria)
  • Roberta Roncone –  Secretary (FIM CISL Lombardia)
10.30 – 12.00 Round-table discussion

  • Sergio Ventricelli – Vice-president (Confimi) and President (Consorzio Tarsia)
  • Paolo Fedeli – CEO (Belleli Energy CP) and President (AIPE – Associazione Italiana Pressure Equipments)
  • Maurienne Pasotti – RSU FIM CISL (A&T Europe Spa)
  • Mirko Dolzadelli – Secretary General (FIM CISL Lombardia)
  • Gianpiero Orsina – General Manager (MITI SPA)

Moderated by Margherita Roiatti – Adjunct Director (Fondazione ADAPT)

12.00 – 12:30 Q&A and Conclusion
12.30 – 14.30 Light Lunch
14.30 – 15.50 Training session
15.50 – 16.00 Q&A and Conclusions

Training session provided by  Dr. Diletta Porcheddu – Senior Research Fellow (Fondazione ADAPT) and Francesco Alifano – Research Fellow (Fondazione ADAPT)

Please note that in-person participation is subject to room capacity. If you have registered for in-person attendance, we will reach out to you to confirm your participation.

Registration Deadline: 20th June 2024 EOD