Unlocking Innovation: An Intellectual Property Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Digital Sector

Questions & Answers with experts

In today’s digital age, where innovation drives economic growth and competitiveness, SMEs cannot afford to neglect the value of their intangible assets. By establishing brand recognition, finding different routes of commercialisation, and deterring potential infringers from exploiting their innovations, SMEs can effectively leverage their intellectual capital for commercialisation, attract investors, and form strategic partnerships.

During this webinar, we will present a guide for digital SMEs needing to navigate the European and international IP landscape. This guide has the purpose of addressing key aspects of Intellectual Property rights, offering practical insights and actionable advices for SMEs operating in the digital economy by highlighting the role of intangible assets in fostering innovation, enabling market competitiveness, and driving sustainable growth.

During the Questions & Answers session, our experts will answer your questions on how digital SMEs can strategically leverage IP assets to grow the business, particularly:

  • IP protection options for digital products or services (web applications, websites, software)
  • IP checklist of your digital project
  • IP exploitation and technology transfer
  • IP Rights and funding opportunities

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About IPowerSMEs

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are one of the core elements underpinning innovation. Since small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) encounter more obstacles than bigger companies when seeking to protect their innovations through IPR, they should benefit from a supportive environment that compensates for such an imbalance. IPowerSMEs aims to raise awareness of the importance of IPR among SMEs, and help provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect their innovations and thus maintain a sustainable business model.

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