The new catalyst for Europe's transition to a green and digital economy

Small and medium enterprises and startups in the ICT sector are driving Europe’s transition to a green and digital economy. The new Focus Group ICT Sustainability will give them strong representation on the EU level and unleash their facilitating work for sustainability-related initiatives.

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Launched! 🚀

The Focus Group ICT Sustainability was officially launched on 16 November. Re-watch the launch event below!



The Focus Group ICT Sustainability (FGS) will bring together SMEs and startups that are 1) digital or digitally-based , and 2) contribute to environmental sustainability with their innovative solutions. The FGS will work in the following areas:

European Green Digital Coalition.

The Coalition will develop a methodology to determine which technologies are truly enabling sustainability. FGS will work closely with the EGDC to ensure that the initiative is "SME-first" in all aspects.

Digital with Purpose.

The group will validate the SME version of Digital with Purpose, a transformative certification framework to make companies more digital & sustainable.

Develop policy positions.

Sustainability is becoming a core aspect of European legislation. The Focus Group will enable DIGITAL SME to develop policy positions that ensure EU laws don't overburden SMEs but unleash their innovative power.

Present your business at EU events.

We want to showcase the prowess of SME "digital enablers" and their role in Europe's twin transitions. Members of the FGS will get a chance to participate at EU-level events where they can present their sustainability-enabling solutions and services.

Informative meetings.

Staying abreast of policy and technology developments is crucial for innovative businesses. FGS will organise regular meetings with stakeholders from EU policy, industry, and cutting-edge businesses from the realm of green ICT.

Funding opportunities at a glance.

As a member of the Focus Group, you get access to the latest European funding opportunities targeting SMEs and startups, which are kept up-to-date by our resourceful Projects Team.

B2B networking events.

Connections are everything. Members of the Focus Group ICT Sustainability will be able to connect to other innovative enterprises, policy makers, association members, and other stakeholders at meetings, networking events, and through our new online platform.

Supply/demand-side matchmaking.

Internationalise your business! Starting in 2022, FGS members will get access to dedicated matchmaking events that bring together supply and demand side of sustainability-enabling technologies.


Who can join?

Membership at the Focus Group is open to all SMEs and startups that have a digital business model and deeply care about sustainability—both in their own operations and in the world writ large. Thus, to join FGS, companies must be:

Digital or digitally-based.

Your business model and operations are dependent on digital technologies or you actively innovate and develop novel ICT products and services, especially using emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT.

Focus on sustainability.

You plan to make your businesses' operations fully net-zero or your digital solutions and services enable other companies to reduce their emissions.


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