Creating an open innovation ecosystem where Public Authorities and European digital SMEs partner up for smart, inclusive, and digitally safe communities

Cities and local authorities all over the world are speeding up their digitalisation processes to grant citizens and communities better and safer services.

European digital  SMEs have now a one-off opportunity to unleash their full potential by deploying trust-worthy digital applications for their communities and beyond.

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The Focus Group on Smart Communities will kick off in January 2022 with a launch event bringing together SMEs and Public Authorities.

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Placing the SMEs at the heart of Europe´s digital transformation of cities and communities

The Focus Group Smart Communities (FG SC) will bring together European SMEs and Public Authorities that believe in an open innovation ecosystem where local communities can flourish by the deployment of  trustworthy digital services made in Europe.

Fair competition & access for SMEs

Creating consensus towards more agile public procurement processes, for digital SMEs propose services and products to cities and communities in a competitive and open market environment.

Unleashing SMEs potential beyond Europe

Supporting interoperability beyond borders and fostering an open digital environment that will allow digital SMEs to unleash their global market potential.

Connecting urban and rural areas

Bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas, by identifying innovation gaps and allowing European digital SMEs to address those technological shortcomings with their cutting edge services and products.

Creating social value

Guiding national and local Authorities in reshaping the city governance to leverage on the digital innovations developed by the SMEs in the community and boost inclusive growth. All for the enhanced experience of the citizens and their well-being.

B2Cities networking events

Allowing digital SMEs to get in contact with authorities from cities and rural areas, present their innovative solutions and make themselves known outside the community of reference.

Informative meetings

Getting the latest on policies and technological innovations in the smart cities domain, thanks to the involvement of public authorities, policy representatives and Experts.

Funding and networking opportunities at a glance

SMEs deciding to operate in the Smart Communities´ market can benefit from several types of funding, from European to regional ones. This Focus Group will help SMEs to dive into the world of public tenders and to pitch their business directly to the Public Authorities thanks to the matchmaking and B2Cities networking events.

Visibility at European level

Making the voice of European digital SMEs heard, by representing the Group position in events, meetings, and roundtable discussions with European and local authorities.


Who can join?

Digital or digitally-based SMEs.

SMEs innovating and developing novel ICT products and services for the public procurement market, or wishing to expand their business to the smart cities and communities domain, representing the supply side.

Public Authorities, Cities, Regions.

The group is likewise open to national and local Public Authorities all over Europe, representing the demand side, and whishing to boost their community´s inclusive growth through a SMEs-driven open innovation ecosystem.


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