The Digital Markets Act – an important first step towards a level playing field for Europe’s digital SMEs

In a new position paper, DIGITAL SME strongly welcomes the Digital Markets Act proposal.

Obliging ‘gatekeepers’ in digital markets to play by a set of rules is crucial for Europe’s SME-based economy. App developers and competing small platforms will have more opportunities to grow and thrive if the new obligations for gatekeepers limit unfair practices and open up competition on ‘platforms’, including operating systems and app stores. Currently, a set of ‘gatekeeper’ tech giants control access to customers, and structure the digital environment by controlling the flow and access to information, e.g., in social media or via internet search. As an SME-based economy, Europe needs to ensure diversity in the digital environment and the Digital Markets Act can support that.

Click here to access the position paper.

For further information on this position paper, please contact: 

Ms. Annika Linck, EU Policy Manager