Last Mile Team


Logistics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Smart Cities Artificial Intelligence Digital Twin



A Spanish startup based on Artificial Intelligence and the intensive use of other technologies, with a unique high-impact approach to the sustainable, digital and social transitions of road freight.


Reduce city urban logistics and last mile goods delivery negative externalities through Digital Twins.
Solutions that deliver up to 30% reduction in congestion and emissions, up to 25% reduction in transport and delivery costs of current vehicles, maximizing its utilization and minimizing kilometers run loaded and run-on-empty.
Enable fact-based evaluation and implementation of fairer, smarter and greener business models that benefit customers and society, improve business results and sustainability.
Winner of the Spanish National Mobility Award 2021 in the Product category, as a catalyst to the green and digital goods road transport twin transition, improve cities liveability and contribute to achieve Green Deal and U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.
Case Study of Sustainability and Social Responsibility Good Practices in the European logistics and transport sector, by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA).

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Madrid Living Lab of EC financed H2020 Research and Innovation Action “LEAD”, to design Digital Twins of urban logistics in six European cities.


Last Mile Team is a Spanish startup that leverages artificial intelligence, data science, and other state-of-the-art technologies to enable sustainable, digital, and socially responsible transitions in the road freight transport industry, driving impactful results. We are delighted to have received several awards, including the Mobility Challenge at #innovateagainstthevirus 2020, the Spanish Sustainable Mobility Award 2021, and the European ENTRANCE Open Challenge 2021. In 2021, our company was chosen as a case study of sustainability and social responsibility good practices in the European logistics and transport sector. Furthermore, we were selected as a European Sustainable City Logistics Best Practice in 2022 by EIT Urban Mobility and included in Tech4Good as a Sustainable City Logistics Best Practice in 2022, as part of the EC 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge marketplace. We would like to present our innovative solutions for efficient and sustainable last-mile delivery to businesses, individuals, and communities, to reduce congestion, pollution, and costs associated with delivery. We are looking for customers across various segments who share our vision of sustainable last-mile delivery. Investors who share our commitment to innovation and growth are welcome to join us on this journey. We are also seeking partnerships with IT consulting companies who can help us expand our reach as value-added resellers. It would be our pleasure to participate in the "Present Your Business" event and explain how Last Mile Team can transform last-mile delivery operations while contributing to a more livable and sustainable urban environment.