About the project

The consortium will implement and maintain an EU Observatory to monitor R&I initiatives on cybersecurity and privacy, including EU, National EU and Associated Countries’ projects, while supporting European stakeholders playing an active role in shaping the global cybersecurity and privacy landscape. The Observatory will monitor the whole lifecycle from research development and implementation, to validation and market uptake, making it possible for stakeholders to increase their knowledge, raise their awareness and find possible synergies between different initiatives.

European DIGITAL SME Alliance with its solid skills and consolidated experience and networks as the European representative for SMEs, will have a critical role in the stakeholder engagement strategy of, together with the early validation and animation of the end-users club for SMEs, and the supply and demand marketplace. European DIGITAL SME Alliance will also provide its critical contribution for the identification and the continuous implementation of the observatory, as well as in the clustering, mapping and nurturing of the cyber security and privacy initiatives.

Duration: 48 months