SHIFT-HUB aims at establishing a pan-European Smart Health Innovation Hub, to foster the uptake of Smart health Technologies and services.

The project will develop and test with the community a comprehensive service offer, integrating networking and matchmaking, and guidance for accessing funding.

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In Europe is projected to grow by 7.98% (2023-2027) resulting in a market volume of 18 Billion Euro in 2027. The digital transformation of health sector will benefit people, health care systems and the economy.

Digital Technologies

Such as 5G, AI, Virtual Reality, Big Data and supercomputing offer new opportunities to transform the way citizens and patients receive health and care services. The application of digital technologies and services enables the revolution of personalised medicine and person-centric care.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance invites all the interest SMEs and relevant stakeholder to join the growing Community and stay up to date on the latest development from the e-Health sector!

The community

With SHIFT-HUB, DIGITAL SME is creating a wide community to create a bridge between SMEs active in the digital sector, private and public healthcare organisations, innovation intermediaries and patients. The community will receive relevant information on the services provided by SHIFT-HUB, from funding to the high-potential Smart Health applications, training courses and events.

Updates on SHIFT-HUB

Participation to events

Notifications on funding opportunities

Interaction within the Community

Personalised invitation to the Focus Group e-Health

In the context of SHIFT-HUB’s Community, DIGITAL SME has launched its new Focus Group on e-Health, where interested SMEs are be able to join a growing community network of public or private healthcare providers, research institutions and public bodies. This collaboration will allow SMEs to develop or to provide digital solutions to address the challenges in the healthcare system and benefit from a full range of services: information on funding opportunities, discussions on technology-specific topics, networking, and matchmaking.


Receive tailored information and support from the consortium in applying to selected open calls in e-Health


Get access to a catalogue of digital services providers and easily connect, network and participate in B2B meetings.


Organisation of technology deep-dives on to showcase their application in the healthcare sector.


Your organisation and logo will be publicly featured on the Focus Group page and will be linked to SHIFT-HUB's Community.

Forum and Cloud functionalities

Interact with other Members, share and get access to online hosted resources that match your services offer and interests.

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