The path to Europe’s sustainable digitalisation

  • At yesterday’s State of the European Union 2020 speech, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen emphasised the importance of the EU’s leadership in digital
  • To highlight the path towards digital leadership, DIGITAL SME is launching a new campaign to raise awareness about Sustainable Digitalisation
  • The campaign’s first major event will be a #DIGITALSMELive Webinar on 15 October to discuss the three pillars of sustainable digitalisation with DIGITAL SME President Dr Oliver Grün

Brussels, 17 September 2020 (DIGITAL SME). “Our generational challenges – the twin green and digital transitions – have become even more urgent now than they were before the crisis began.” Thus summarised Commission President von der Leyen her priorities for Europe’s future after the crisis. Transitioning to a green and digital economy is no small feat, but it can be achieved if we understand the importance of sustainable digitalisation.

A new campaign for Europe’s sustainable digitalisation

For many years, DIGITAL SME has been emphasising the importance of a long-term approach to digitalisation. Not every instance of a business acquiring a new digital tool is creating long-lasting value for the European economy. On the contrary: in many cases where “off-the-shelf” solutions are bought, consumers lock themselves into a proprietary business model that benefits some global tech giant while better options might be available in Europe.

With the new Sustainable Digitalisation campaign, we want to raise awareness about a better way to digitalise Europe.

Visit the campaign page

B2B relationships, green(er) technologies, and innovation-enabling policy

Over the coming months, DIGITAL SME will launch several initiatives to place sustainable digitalisation on top of Europe’s digital agenda. The campaign-kick-off event at our General Assembly 2020 will introduce the three pillars of sustainable digitalisation: B2B relationships, green(er) technologies, and innovation-enabling policy. A new webpage explains the importance of building on long-term synergetic B2B relationships between “digital enablers” and traditional businesses, how the “right to repair” is key for a more circular economy, and how openness for software & hardware alike increases innovation.

DIGITAL SME will partner with several businesses and other entities to shed lights on different aspects of sustainable digitalisation. If you are interested in collaborating on this topic, please send an email to Moritz Zimmermann.

Towards European Digital Sovereignty—through our powerful SME ecosystems!

“What is good for the climate is good for business and good for us all”, said Von der Leyen in her address to the European Parliament yesterday. We agree! A healthy environment is crucial—but we also need digital sovereignty to keep our economy healthy in the future.

President Von der Leyen named access to data, future technologies like artificial intelligence, and a strong digital infrastructure as the three key pillars of Europe’s “Digital Decade” ahead. She did not, however, mention the key driver of Europe’s digital sovereignty: our powerful, SME-based business ecosystems. Innovative SMEs and startups are the enablers of sustainable digitalisation, and thus key for Europe’s digital sovereignty. They help other companies and public administrations to digitise their operations, develop green technologies and increase efficiency, and provide the majority of jobs within the European Union.

Sustainable digitalisation means strengthening Europe’s digital sovereignty by empowering its innovative SMEs and startups, which develop green technologies and enable the circular economy, thereby contributing to environmental, economic, and societal sustainability.

Stay tuned for more updates from the campaign! You can already register to join the conversation: DIGITAL SME Live Webinar “The path to Sustainable Digitalisation: Strengthening European digital sovereignty by enabling the twin transitions of our economy” on 14 October 2020, 09.00-10.00, or tune in live via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter!