UNIZO joins DIGITAL SME as Associate Member

  • DIGITAL SME welcomes a new Associate Member from Belgium, the Organisation for the Self-Employed and SMEs (UNIZO)

  • UNIZO fosters the digital innovation ecosystem, the competitiveness of the IT sector, and the digital transformation of the Belgian economy

  • DIGITAL SME looks forward to supporting UNIZO and providing continued support to tech SMEs in Belgium

DIGITAL SME welcomes a new Associate Member from Belgium – the Organisation for the Self-Employed and SMEs (UNIZO). The association has over 100.000 members, including craftsmen, service providers, liberal professions, and companies in the retail sector. UNIZO seeks to associate its 700 ICT members under the newly recreated sectoral branch “unICTo”. DIGITAL SME will assist them in accessing more European funding, subsidies, and Working Groups as well as in strengthening the representation of the organisation´s interests at the European level.

UNIZO’s mission is to foster a network of entrepreneurs, facilitating connections through various avenues such as events, training sessions, and B2B activities. Local offices play a pivotal role in nurturing these connections by organising a wide array of activities where members can interact. These activities encompass EU-funded projects, SME Contact sessions, the Day of the Customer, SME of the Year awards, local fairs, and more.

Whilst primarily focused on entrepreneurs in Flanders and Brussels, UNIZO advocates for their interests in national, European, and international fora. Through delegate representation, UNIZO members actively participate in commissions, industrial relations consultations, and advisory bodies at local, provincial, regional, federal, and European levels, representing diverse business sectors including agriculture, industry, construction, distribution, professions, and the service economy.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance looks forward to collaborating with UNIZO, strengthening the digital transformation of the Belgian economy with tailor-made digitalisation for SMEs, alongside fostering the growth of the unICTo network.

DIGITAL SME President – Dr Oliver Grün

We are delighted to join the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and are sure that our partnership will allow our unICTo members to widen their network for cross-border collaboration, give more support to Belgian tech companies, launch new and broader projects and open new opportunities for cooperation in international markets.

UNIZO CEO – Danny Van Assche

DIGITAL SME expands its membership to 34 national and regional organisations across 18 European countries, strengthening its leading position as the largest organisation representing ICT SMEs in Europe.


Paul Roevens – Digitalisation Advisor

Mail: paul.roevens@unizo.be

Gerrit Budts – Press Officer

Mail: gerrit.budts@unizo.be