Digital SkillUp: SMEs’ good practices for upskilling

Digital technology has changed the way we work and learn. This is a challenge for SMEs as they still struggle to upskill their staff. According to research, less than 10% of SMEs provide training to ICT specialists and less than one in five SMEs offers training to other employees. DIGITAL SME encourages SMEs to share knowledge on upskilling and aims to collect good practice examples on how SMEs teach their employees additional skills.

Do you have good practices for upskilling that Europe should know about? DIGITAL SME is looking for SMEs that would like to share their good practices and stories.

What benefits for SMEs?

  • Gain visibility – SMEs’ good practices will be published on the Digital SkillUp website – a new online space dedicated to training on emerging technologies – that will attract a large public audience in Europe (expecting more than 20 000 views of the website).
  • Expand network – SMEs will be invited to participate in various Digital SkillUp events and share their good practice examples with stakeholders and the European Commission.
  • Inspire others – show your dedication to digital upskilling in Europe as well as your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

What qualifies as good practice?

  • Any activity that you launched to improve your employees’ skills (e.g., event, initiative, methodology, etc.). It should be an internal practice provided directly by the SME and not by external companies or training providers.
  • We are interested in the following questions:
    • How do you integrate online learning solutions into your training programmes?
    • Maybe you use a unique or a very efficient upskilling methodology? Adopt some interesting training tools (e.g., such as Elements of AI)?
    • How do you encourage your employees to keep learning?

How to submit good practices?

  • Prepare a short description of your internal practices (a few sentences or a paragraph).
  • Send your input to Ms Ieva Spudyte ( by 30 April 2021. After going through the different proposals, the Digital SkillUp team will choose the most outstanding examples and contact selected SMEs to get more detailed information.

More information about the Digital SkillUp project can be found here.