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Italy · Member of Italian DIGITAL SME Alliance


Lascò is an innovative SME founded in 2013. It aims to guide people and organisations on human-centred paths towards innovation and digital transformation. The organisation specialises in innovation design and development of digital solutions for formal and nonformal education providers, companies and institutions. MAIN AREAS OF ACTIVITY •Innovation and Digital Transformation: Lascò accelerates innovation and digital transformation processes for private and public organisations, designing projects, technologies and tailor-made solutions to support them in generating value for their target groups. The company provides innovation design services, innovative solutions, research and development and technology transfer services. Awards in this field: Gold medal for the 38th Ed. of the "Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress" Award in 2023 – managed by the Italian Chambers of Commerce - and Certified Good Practice by the Italian Ministry of the Interior in 2021 for its Blockchain-based system for an Italian historic silk label. •Education & Training: Lascò is a member of the EC Pact for Skills and is committed to designing and implementing training experiences to upskilling and reskilling people in the EU, providing opportunities to develop digital, green and lifelong competencies for young people and adults. In this field, Lascò has also implemented several European projects, funded by E+ and Horizon Europe, including two recognised best practices by the United Nations Global Compact - Spanish Network for their contributions to the SDGs 4 "Quality Education" and 8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth". •Young Changemakers Program: Under this program, Lascò implements projects and initiatives aimed at empowering new generations of changemakers through co-creation labs and active learning experiences to foster their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, digital literacy and project management competencies, promote entrepreneurship and community engagement, encourage lifelong learning and adaptability. •Startup Studio: For startups and innovation teams, Lascò offers an innovative incubation and acceleration program, which aims to support a quick and effective launch on the market of innovative products and services, through organisational, operational and strategic support designed around their actual needs.


SMEs working in the fields of digital transformation and innovation for public and private organisations, especially in the Retail, Education, Agri-food, and Tourism & Hospitality sectors.



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