Our project consortium consists of:

European DIGITAL SME Alliance is a community of ICT small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its members are national sectorial digital SME associations in 28 countries and regions. All together it associates more than 20.000 SMEs. DIGITAL SME was established in 2007 to represent the voice of ICT SMEs and their interests in the European institutions and other international organisations. DIGITAL SME is the first European association of the ICT sector exclusively.

Capgemini Consulting represents a leading consultancy business specialised in advising and supporting enterprises in important transformation. In the unprecedented digital transformation that we are experiencing, Capgemini consulting is a support for enterprises and governments to accommodate in the frame of the new digital economy. It represents a major actor of the project with a highly qualified team and expertise that goes from innovative strategy to execution.

Focused on evaluation of science, technology and innovation, Technopolis is a notable consultancy group present all over the world. It benefits from an expertise at all levels (regional, national, international) in the field of ICT which fuelled its deep and extended competence of the sector. Its contribution to the project allows to have a multifaceted approach of the impact of technology on SMEs.