Working Groups

Working Groups are where our member-appointed experts discuss and refine DIGITAL SME’s position on various relevant topics. Are you working for one of our member organisations and interested in joining a working group? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Focus Group Artificial Intelligence

On behalf of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), European DIGITAL SME Alliance is forming a Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The JRC, through its AI WATCH activity, is monitoring the implementation and impact of the EU Coordinated Artificial Intelligence Development Plan adopted in December 2018. For this purpose, it is seeking close feedback from AI intensive companies to measure the impact of AI initiatives on companies in the EU and to make sure that regulation is having a positive effect on those companies. The aim of the Joint Focus Group on AI is to understand the adoption, use, and impacts over time of AI and related technologies (robotics, automation in general, machine learning, etc.).
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WG Skills

WG SKILLS has been established with the core purpose of helping to close the digital skills gap in Europe. The working group covers a variety of topics related to skills development, re-skilling and easier outsourcing, among others. WG SKILLS' expertise includes digital skills, social dialogue, movement of workers, competence centres, work-life balance, and other areas.

Chair: Gloria Díaz, CONETIC

WG Digitalisation

Digital SMEs enable the digital transformation of European industry. In order to foster innovation and ensure their uptake and development of new emerging technologies, WG DIGITALISATION contributes to policy debates and European initiatives on Industry 4.0, Digital Innovation Hubs, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, building information modeling, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies.

Chair: Andrei Kelemen, Cluj IT Cluster

WG Cyber & Data

WG CYBER & DATA informs our position towards the European Union on Cyber Security, Data Protection and AI ethics. Further, the group also works towards developing standards and practical guidelines tailored to SMEs for easier access to selected relevant standards.

Chairman: Fabio Guasconi

WG Standards

WG STANDARDS focuses on providing SMEs access to the European standardisation process. As the sectoral representative of Small Business Standards (SBS) in the field of ICT, DIGITAL SME helps small business representatives to actively participate in expert working groups and technical committees. WG STANDARDS is comprised of experts from the European ICT SME industry and jointly develops positions and consultations for EU institutions and standardisation bodies.

Chairman: Massimo Vanetti

WG Software Patents & Intellectual Property Rights

WG Software Patents & Intellectual Property Rights (short: WG IPR) brings together legal experts and SMEs to identify pressing issues related to patents, copyright and IPR in general (i.e. know-how, trade secret, designs, trademarks). The group will form a network of SMEs to help increase understanding and knowledge of Software Patents & IPR among digital SMEs.

Chairs: Silvana Marcotulli and Rasmus Keller

Task Force Blockchain & DLT

The DIGITAL SME Task Force Blockchain & DLT brings together SMEs from across Europe, with the aim to support the uptake of blockchain by SMEs and to develop joint activities and positions.

Chair: Margherita Leder and Petko Karamotchev

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